Lasers are the tool of choice no matter what the material as they produce permanent marks with a non-contact process at high speed with high precision. Laser marking requires no consumables and marks are computer generated and are therefore highly flexible.

Innovative Technology

PulseTune technology offers the OEM integrator highly flexible control over pulse width and peak power. The unique PulseTune function enables market leading repetition rates whilst maintaining peak power threshold.


The key differentiator of SPI's redENERGY pulsed lasers is the versatility of the 25 selectable waveforms and the benefits that accompany its flexibility. The ability to optimize key pulse characteristics to individual applications gives enhanced process quality and productivity.

No Maintenance

Every care has been taken at the design stage to ensure that our products offer a long and maintenance free life. It is an easy-to-integrate DC-powered OEM fiber laser module with integral controller designed to interface with common laser-marking equipment.

Multiple Applications

SPI's redENERGY pulsed lasers achieve excellent results in marking and micro-machining, they suitable for a very wide range of high precision micro-machining applications and out-perform conventional lasers in many types of marking applications.


  • Compare the key features and optimal application and industry suitability of our 5 redENERGY G3 fiber laser series: SMHSRMHM/HL or LS.
  • Choose the one that best suits your needs.
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  •   = 最佳
  •   = 良好

Key Features

Rated output power 20W 10W-20W 10W-20W 30W-38W 20W
Beam Quality M2<1.3 M2<2 M2<2 M2~3.2 M2<2
Peak power >7.5kW >12kW >12kW >20kW >7kW
Pulse energy >0.55mJ >0.8mJ >0.8mJ >1.25mJ >0.8mJ
Operation cw: 1MHz cw: 500kHz cw: 100kHz cw: 500kHz cw: 500kHz


Ablation Optimal Optimal Good Good  
Cutting, precision Optimal        
Drilling Optimal Good Good Optimal  
Engraving, deep   Good   Optimal  
Engraving, fine Optimal Good     Good
Marking, aluminium Good Good Optimal Good Optimal
Marking, anodised and painted materials Good Good Optimal Good Optimal
Marking, general   Optimal Optimal Optimal Optimal
Marking, metal   Optimal Good Optimal Optimal
Marking, night and day Good Optimal Good Good Optimal
Marking, plastic Good Optimal Good Good Optimal
Marking, stainless steel Good Optimal Optimal Optimal Optimal
Micro-machining Optimal        
Scribing Optimal Good Good    
Solar cell processing Optimal Good Good Good Good
Thin film patterning Good Optimal   Good  


Animal tagging   Good   Optimal  
Automotive   Optimal     Optimal
Consumer goods Good Optimal Optimal Good Optimal
Electronics Optimal Optimal     Good
Energy Optimal     Optimal  
Engineering, general Optimal Optimal Optimal Optimal Optimal
Manufacturing, general   Optimal Optimal Good Optimal
Giftware   Good Optimal Good Good
Jewelry Good     Optimal  
Medical   Good   Optimal  
Semiconductor Optimal Good      
Solar Optimal Good